(9.23.14) — Another morning in Amerikkka. Somebody thought it would be fun to desecrate the Mike Brown Memorial early this morning. I… I really can’t even. #staywoke #farfromover


Here’s a picture of some cops watching the memorial burn although there seemed to be no police at the scene when the fire department arrived.

"use your misunderstandings for inspiration."

what if someone says things to you like “I can’t wait to meet your dad” or points to an old couple either arguing or wholeheartedly agreeing (you can’t tell) and says “that’s gonna be us one day.” I think that’s cute, isn’t it


Bronze-winged Parrot Amazing World beautiful amazing


Bronze-winged Parrot Amazing World beautiful amazing

If you want to get a lot of okcupid messages and reunite with people you almost forgot about, change your location to new york city.

i identify with this

i identify with this

POLL: Should I let the cat hump my sweater?

lt’s my friends most legit project turned agency and I am in it too omg some people are amazing. at least they exist.

healing crisis

I used to be cute now I am a monstrous ball of hormonal imbalance because I never got out all of the anger I had about what everyone has ever done to me and it’s all coming out now through my pores so I am an ugly motherfucker and somehow everything is still painful and shitty and I don’t know how to process the stone in my heart. I hope this doesn’t last forever.

Hey there little insect

Hey there little insect

so tonight i definitely called out a white dude for using the word “thug” in reference to himself after saying “brudda.” I told him I would prefer to never hear another white person use that word because it’s racialized and often used to criminalize black people and then appropriated by white people when they want to seem bad ass or cute, and I don’t like it. Everyone at the table went silent. they were all white.

feeling a little overwhelmed, but interning from home is great and the zoning commission actually has some good waiting phone music


favorite restaurants in baltimore (trying to remember it all for one list):

- kumari

- thai restaurant

- nam kang

- souvlaki

- grano

- petit louis

- ibar

- land of kush

I forgot trinidad gourmet

excerpt from a letter to a friend

just started classes again, which means I have to interface with mainstream weirdos all the time. I had to sit through some basic presentations on how if you get raped by a fellow student the school will fuck up that student’s life with the law, but nothing about like…the obvious, say, health care for the person who was raped, a rape kit, any of that sort of thing. My con law professor wrote a convoluted book about how the Dred Scott decision was actually “Constitutionally sound.” He’s a big idiot white dude that told us on the first day of class that he is a “good liberal” and that he’ll “inevitably say something insensitive [racist, sexist, generally fucked up]”. Clearly I still dislike most things about law school. 
I’m taking international environmental law though, which is really interesting. I also just got an internship with the chesapeake climate action network. I used to intern for them in college, and now i’ll be an intern again, but doing legal things. We’re going to specifically be targeting the west virginia mountain top removal coal that gets shipped out of the baltimore harbor to china, kind of what I wrote my first moonroot poem about. we’ll be arguing with laws around community justice issues, because the community that has to deal with the coal getting shipped out of it has to deal with health problems and things like that. So I’m excited about that, but I don’t know how I’ll pay for anything because it’s an internship. 
Right now I sometimes make felafel, which reminds me of how you described making tacos. I work for this white hippie dude (talks about all the hazy niceness that he experienced in India and says “jah” unironically) and with a few people I randomly know from the city, and we set up a stand at festivals and things like the bike party, and then I mostly cut vegetables and deep fry felafel. I like working the back and not talking to anybody too, I’ll probably have to talk to people at some point. But it’s a job I can get stoned to and use my hands and in a lot of ways that’s really nice.
It’s finally hot in Baltimore, it’s been a California like summer here. I miss going to pretty boy with you, I haven’t been since whenever we went last. I heard they increased the penalty ticket to 1k and have been ticketing cars for parking there past sundown. I’m hoping they forget about that next year.
The law in general seems to have this terrible weight now, in my life. To me it coincides with the feeling of a police state. The abuses of the police state that are so active right now feel like a cancer in my mind sometimes.
I don’t know, I wish I were happier, but always looking back on it, whenever I feel pretty miserable is usually when my life is pretty okay, or at least steadily setting itself up for later. The universe has a way of balancing itself out like that, I’d like to think.